Workshop on Digital Video Standards for Combat Vehicles

January 22 - 23, 2008, Ottawa, Canada

To share experience on digital video transport standards that are applicable to providing"sensor to display" digital video transfer in combat vehicles. If possible, establish a consensusrecommendation on an appropriate digital video standard for adoption as a NATO STANAG.

Preserving sensor image fidelity in future AFVs appears to require a move awayfrom analogue video connections and switching. Both sensors and displays are increasinglydigital in nature and preserving the quality of the data requires the transport medium be digital aswell. Several commercial standards supporting digital video transfer over a Gigabit Ethernetphysical layer have been defined and have been proposed / demonstrated for use in combatvehicle roles. Examples include Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and GigE Vision. The smallsize of the military market motivates adoption of a single standard to reduce integration effort andcosts - if one can be identified that meets appropriate technical requirements.

Topics / Issues:
The following topics are suggested: Protocol overhead / efficiency; latency;support for compressed, uncompressed, and encrypted formats; extension to other data types(radar, voice); support for metadata; support for source control (sensor parameters, resolutions,region of interest specification); multi-cast data routing; scalability to higher / lower speeds (10 G,100 base T); and, commercial support (product availability, IP rights and costs, tool setavailability, conformance tools, etc). Experience / concerns relating to environmental, EMI andpower issues, and the availability of commercial solutions tailored to harsh environments, are alsoof concern. While Ethernet based solutions are expected to provide potential solutions,experience with alternative physical layers may also be presented.

Presentations describing experience with digital video transfer in combat vehicles arerequested. Each presentation is expected to address the topics identified above - to the extentthat personal or corporate experience is available to provide insight. It is expected that thecontent available will vary from organization to organization, so presentations may vary in length(preferably between 15 to 60 minutes).

Reply Required:
Potential participants should reply no later than 15 December 2007, providinga title and a very short description of the scope of any presentation (one to two sentences).Please include an estimate of the time required for presentation. A presentation is not required toattend, but the number of participants will be limited and priority will be given to personnel fromorganizations that are presenting material.

Workshop Organizer: Please reply to Robert Chesney, Defence Research and DevelopmentCanada (E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Voice: [1] 403 544 4764).

Workshop Fee:
A nominal fee (less than $50 CAD) may be charged to partially recover hosting costs.